July 25, 2011

Congratulations! 2nd Lock&Lock Supporters

We have our 2nd Lock&Lock Supporters.

Please visit the following blogs from those supporters and find out what they say about Lock&Lock products.  We hope you enjoy their blogs and share your ideas as well. 

* Store Credits for the Most Active Supporters: BIG THANKS!!!
- Shanice T. ($100)
- Julie L. ($50)
- Vardhini D. ($50)
* Application for the next term (Nov-Jan) will be accepted from 10/1/2011 to 10/15/2011. 
* Enjoy shopping at http://locknlockplace.com/ !

July 12, 2011

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July 8, 2011

FW:Testimonial / THANK YOU from Customer

We got the following e-mail from our customer last night. 
Big THANKS to all our customers!!!

- From LocknLockPlace.com


From: K** B****.  < ********@*******.net >
Date: Thu, Jul 7, 2011 at 6:53 PM
Subject: Testimonial / THANK YOU
To: cs@locknlockplace.com
Dear Lock & Lock,

I just wanted to say thank you for a terrific product.

Last weekend, while out at our Dock in Winthrop Harbor, IL on Lake Michigan, we experienced a storm like never before.

Getting ready for the 4th of July weekend I spent several days cooking and preparing, and put all this yummy food into various containers.  The Italian Sausage in a red sauce I stored in your 4.2 Qt Lock & lock container.  Upon arrival to the harbor, I placed all of this prepared, and fresh food into a six foot long cooler I use as an extra “ice box” on busy weekends.  The food, three blocks of ice, and it is a terrific side fridge.

A storm blew into the harbor, and at the buoy outside our harbor, winds were recorded at 102 MPH and 17 foot waves.  Needless to say, my “side fridge’ was gone and of course ALL the food I spent three days preparing gone with it.

The next day, suddenly a fellow boater came over and said, “hey, is this some of your food”?  He handed me my 4.2 qt Lock 7 lock container with the Italian Sausage.  The container was in the water, under water, and through some serious turbulence yet intact, STILL SEALED, and useable!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Your containers are AWESOME!!  It helped me save the weekend allowing me to serve some homemade food that our guests so enjoy.

So THANKS LOCK & LOCK!!  Great product, I am now your walking billboard for life!


K** B****


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