May 2, 2011

Lock&Lock at Get-together 2011

Last weekend, Lock&Lock USA ( was fortunate enought to be invited to한국무리)'s annual get-together held in Mt. Laurel, NJ (near Philadelphia) along with Korea Tourism Organization and Dramafever. Everyone present at the gathering got Lock&Lock Plastic Food Container Sets (See picture below) and couldn't be happier.

Lock&Lock products are featured in almost every Korean drama these days (Maybe with the exception of historical dramas... Can you imagine Daejoyoung or Wang Guhn brings a Lock&Lock lunch box when he goes to the battle field ???) Anyway, we had some trivias on Korean dramas that showed Lock&Lock products as PPL. Those who were better prepared won their prizes! (Small Lock&Lock plastic containers)

Here are some of the pictures from the event. See how happy they are!

Lining up for Lock&Lock containers

Maybe she is asking for 'One More' Lock&Lock...

She is happy to have her favorite color, 'blue'!

Everyone has Lock&Lock Food Container sets - Grandpa is no exception!

Color goes well with table decorations.

At the end of the day, everyone is HAPPY thanks to Lock&Lock Food Containers!

Now that everyone at the event also got a discount coupon, it's time to go shopping at !!!